Faith is Fruitful

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Faith Is Fruitful

A Jain lady was suffering by leucoderma. She came to Babulnath temple for darshan every Monday for 2 Years. She used to offer milk, sugarcane, musambi juice and honey to Babulnath by anointing the same to Shivling. She acclaimed that the stains of the disease are found reduced. Some people worship by chanting laghurudra and anointing honey on Shivling for gaining health. One Parsi lady with strong faith gets Ghee Pooja performed during the festival.

In 1962 A.D. on a midnight thunder cracked down on temple. Just before five minutes to thunder cracking, the manager of the temple asked the persons sleeping in the corridor at the back of the temple to move to their rooms. As soon as thunder cracked down, there was land sliding and big stones from hill fell down on the place which the persons of temple had vacated a few minutes back. The area was demolished by heavy stones. At lease 20 - 25 persons were saved. Today also people remember the incident and thank the Lord Babulnath who inspired the Manager of the Temple to direct the people to shift to their rooms!

In 1966, there was a draught in Mumbai. The lakes had also shallow water. At that time the devotees fetched water from the well of the temple and all climbed 110 steps of temple with water. The water was so anointed on Shivling that the former was not allowed to let out from *Garbhgruha * i.e. the room where the Shivling is placed. Since dawn the people continued to pour water on the Shivling. The Shivling was submerged in well water. As soon as the water level touched the toes of idol of mother Parvati, the Goddess, black clouds rushed in the sky and heavy rainfall started with thunderbolt! Young and old, every one cheered with joy. Even people heard the rejoicing sounds from adjacent parsi colony. Indeed, the people remember to-day also the incident not only as a miracle but blessings of almighty who gives the fruits who prays thus.

Alike above there are many more incidents and circumstances and occasions on which Lord Babulnath kept alive the faith and feelings of His beloved devotees, Lord Babulnath i.e. Lord Shiva safeguards the world as a Protector of the world!.