About Shree Babulnath

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  • About Shree Babulnath

    Lord Shiva on the hill of Babulnath being the principal deity of Mumbai showers his grace and mercy on entire city. The devoted devotees thousands in number regularly visit the temple with love and devotion after climbing 110 steps of stone stairs to worship the Lord Shivratris, Mondays, Pradosh (Evening time) and on various festival days people throng in thousands of number to have the Darshan of Lord Babulnath and other deities. Many Bollywood / T.V. Celebrities and magnets of the world of music/dance/Bhajan do not miss to have a darshan of Lord Shiva, particularly on Mondays of the months of shravana (Vikram Samvat year). The devotees appease the Lord according to their faith and capacity. Some offer 1.25 lakhs Bilvpatras, some offer silver Bilvpatras. Some others offer silver/golden ornaments too.

    During Shivtratirs and in the month of Shravana Ghee Pooja is the main and splendid attraction for the devotees. The devotes book for ghee Pooja before a year on Shravana Mondays 15th August, Ekadashi, Shivratri and on other festivals ghee pooja is offered Ghee is frozen on Woolen Planks and various life stories of Lord Shiva and other deities are carved in frozen Ghee. The various scenes created by such work are so pageant and eye-catching that for Darshan of Ghee Pooja devotees gathers in very large numbers . The schenes of Leela of Lord Shiva i.e. Deeds of almighty are nicely carved out and painted with colours in frozen ghee by one family of artist in-third generation who stay in the temple for two months to carry out the work. On these days, the temple is illuminated with electric lights and the top gorgeous dome of the temple appears as a master piece in the City.

    About 150 years back there were court cases with Parsi Community. Now a number of parsi families offer worship to Lord Babulnath.

    The devotees offer thousands of coconuts to the Lord. And on Account of special arrangement of water made on the hill, they are able to offer 'Jalabhishek', i.e. anointing Water on Shivling freely.