The Administrative Scheme Of Shree Babulnath Temple

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The Administrative Scheme Of Shree Babulnath Temple

As per the order dated 13.4.1951 of High Court in Suit No.341/1951 (O.S.) Administrative Scheme for Shri Babulnath Mahadev Temple is framed. From time to time, as seen earlier, changes are made in Clause No.31 with the permission of Hon. Court.

According to the Scheme the principal purposes/aims are as below:-
1. Shree Babulnath Mahadev and other temples associated with it be administered/managed and worship be continued.

2. Sanskrit Pathshala (School), expansion of Sanskrit learning & promotion, Bhartiya Culture, Religion, Philosophy & Philosophy of
    Vedanta's propaganda, development & encouragement.

3. Protection of Cows. Aid to Public in case of natural calamities like draught, floods, etc.

4. To help educational & Medical Institutions, etc.

The Administration of Shri Babulnath Mahadev Temple establishment is carried out by the trustees according to scheme of 1951 A.D. (Suit No.341/1951 O.S. Jagmohandas Kalyandas & Bros. V/s. Advocate General of Bombay).

The present trustees are as below:-
1. Shri N.G. Thakker (Chairman)
2. Shri H.C. Asher
3. Shri C.D.Mehta
4. Shri N.L.Hiranandani
5. Shri C.M. Bhagat
6. Shri M.B. Mehta
7. Shri P. R. Shroff
8. Shri J. M. Thakker
9. Shri H. P. Thakker

For this institution, there is no membership system. The trustees conduct the administration as per the Scheme. The Institution changed the accounting year from April, 1989 to April - March every year instead of Vikram Samvat Year Kartik to Ashwin Months, as per statutory requirements.

Religious, social and educational institutes are helped as per the directives of the Scheme within the limit prescribed and on increase of income by Shri Babulnath Mandir Charities Institution.

Till now, the Babulnath temple has appropriately helped people during natural calamities like draught, floods on increase of temple's income.

Shri Babulnath Mahadev Temple Institution is not given financial help by Government, non-government organizations or municipal / local authorities. On the contrary the temple institution helps needy persons for social and educational welfare causes.

After 1957 A.D. the administration of temple institution has very much improved and the position is found much sound. Prior to the period stated above the institutions was facing financial crisis, considering this problem Shri Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Under his experienced and powerful guidance this temple institution has shown very good progress. In 1971 Shri Munshi took his last breath but the institute continued to make further progress on the track . He has established for the all over development and welfare of temple. Thereafter Shri Jasvantlal Matubhai Solicitor and Shri Gordhanbhai Anandji Thakker, Ex-Judge of Bombay High Court acted as Chairman in succession. At present Shri Nitinbhai G. Thakker is shouldering the responsibility as Chairman of the Trust.

The devoted devotees were finding it difficult to climb the stairs of the hill. Therefore the temple arranged for two specious elevators. The public utilizes this facility whole-heartedly. Especially this has been found very comfortable to aged devotees. A hall known as Krishnabai Hall is at present under repair and renovation by the temple. The institution contemplates to prepare the hall well equipped with all amenities to carry out various religious ceremonies/rites & worships.

The Old monument of temple has been classified as Heritage Property of Indian Culture by the government of India. The Government has given specific guidelines to maintain and upkeep the ancient sculpture, idols and temple. At present the skilled artists are engaged by the temple to carry out the Government's directives. This will of course, preserve our heritage for which we all are proud of.