Need Of A Temple

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Need Of A Temple

Since ancient period, for the development of faith, cultivating right inclination, to concentrate the mind for perpetual joy and to experience peace and for overall progress of life, the need of temple is accepted. With the existence of a temple, the mind of a human being become auspicious, divine and beautiful. This will make the entire human society like a temple.

The temple inspires holiness and brings peace. The temple is for the purpose of doing progress collectively in the atmosphere of peace and happiness with undisturbed mind. In olden days, mostly the place of temple used to be out of the village in the pleasing atmosphere of nature. The mind which was remaining busy in world’s day-to-day activities was becoming calm and quiet and was becoming ready to attain oneness with God by the time the devotee was reaching to the temple. The devotee if shake off the dust of worldly thoughts and worldly impulses of love and hatred from his mind and enters into temple then only he will find peace in mind. As one keeps out his footwear out of the temple, equally he should keep out the disturbing thoughts leading him to restlessness. All should sit together bearing in mind that they are the children of God and because of this relationship they are all equal and worship the God at least for an hour keeping aside all the masks of differences, like rich-poor-old-young, Learned-illiterate, small-big, husband-wife, father-son, master-servant. By this they will experience the touch of divine love. The mind will melt with pious feelings and relationship will be established with God.

Temple means a holy place where you can express your happiness and grief. If a son is born to whom will you tell your joy? If you say to your neighbour, he could not participate in your pleasure, since he has already 4 sons in his house. If you distribute sweet, of course, he will accept but he can not swim along with you in the river of joy in which you swim. In the same way he can not share your grief too. Therefore, a human being can feel pleasure by expressing his happiness and sorrow to the God.

The temple consoles a desperate man, God is waiting for you. You are not a beggar but his son.Tell all your pleasure and sorrow to him, your mind will be free and burdenless. You will be delighted, peace, satisfaction and content will be experienced. In life you will find interest and get novel inspiration.

The temple is a place where your love for God is expressed and mind is purified by concentration. Some purports the temple as a post office through which they expect to send their application for fulfillment of all materialistic requirements.

One visits a temple and offers something with good feeling i.e. God is with me and he conducts my life. With the feeling one decides to offer or give a certain portion of his income to God and temple is a place where he can give such share! To-day we find some people throws money on God. It is very disliking. As if one who throws money is rich and on whom it is thrown is a beggar! The system should be stopped as early as possible. Our ancestors and Rishis/Munis had strong belief that the property-money offered to God should be utilized to nurture the culture in the society, to promote creation of affection to Lord and prepare the heroic people with enlightened spirit. The offerings to God known as *Devdravya’ was utilized to help the weak and financially backward people and familities those who met with natural calamities or were unfortunately found in sudden distress in the village. The help was given in the form of Prasad, i.e. God’s blessings. To train the warriors of God, who protect the religion and to promote the Brahmins in real spirit, the temple money was utilized.

The money offered to God should not only be utilized in social or alike activities but should also be utilized to rejuvenate our civilization. The money offered at the feet of God should be utilized to increase the glory of civilization culture and God. The temple’s money should be used to make every house a temple!

Temple was counted as a holy place of inspiration. Temples were the universities which were showing the ways, of true religion as envisaged by sages and Rishis of Vedic era. Temples had a big debut in guiding the devotees to the footsteps of Vedas and Geeta and how to operate key of karmayog.

In Shastras it is said "यस्य नि:श्र्वसित वेदा:'! It means Vedas are breathings of God! Therefore in every temple Vedas must be recited regularly. Without the recital of Vedas, the God’s breathing is disturbed! Our ancestors, Rishi, Munies and Sages had got the temples built on the basis of such marvelous and benevolent thoughts.

Parbrahma is in mind. It is unparallel and unperceivable. It has nobody square of form thereupon for facilitating the worshippers the form of Brahma is contemplated. God resides in hearts of everyone. But to imagine his existence in the idol is the externalization of God from our heart to the idol. The idol we can see and worship, this is the secret of idol worship. My Lord who knows everything about what is in my mind is rested in this idol to cherish my devotion to him.This understanding is required.

In temple, Vedas or upnishad’s swadhyay (study, reading) should be regularly done. Vedas directs.

'स्वाध्यायप्रवचनाभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम्‌'

Regular prayer, Regular education and regular Swadhyay (Practicing worship) should be part and parcel of every temple. Out of the fund of temple bright Brahmin should be educated and trained who will spread the Vedic Thoughts from village to village and from house to house. They will show the parth of enlightened life and will inspire the people to face the battle of life with courage. Over and above, they will create affinity love for God and confidence in community living. Bhagwan Shankracharya has said;

ब्राह्मणत्वस्य हि रक्षणेन रक्षितो स्या वैदिको धर्म: ! means The Vedic Reglion is protected by protecting the right *Brahamantva Temple should try to create and promote such right Brahmanatva.

The temple is not a temple, where you go and your heart does not throb with affinity, eyes are not delighted and confidence in own self is not evoked. It means in a temple your self –confidence is bound to awake and your every organ get rejuvenated with blessings of God!

It is an ideal temple where children get cultured, youths choose the path of *Karmayog and elderly people find ultimate rest (peace) and all these people after receiving the blessings of God join in their day to day activities.

The temple infuses vitality in every human being’s life. In individual life, innocence, sinless love to society, faith in feelings and impartiality in spiritual life are examples of a true temple existing in Society.

The ideal temple not only attracts hearts of human beings but reign over the hearts of mankind. So far the man has aspiration for God, temple is existing Aspiration for God in mankind is eternal therefore the existence of temples is also eternal.

We hope that all the temples in India, at all the nooks and corners become divine and gorgeous. The affinity of people multiply and temple become the holy places of inspiration in such a way that God will like to stay always in these temples.

We pray God that please showers us his blessings to have us wisdom to build a temple of his choice and to continue the atmosphere of his choice in the same.