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Abhishek Anointing idol with water, milk etc., with or without chanting Mantras
Annakut Various types of flood offering to God
Aarati A rite perforomed with the help of lamps /Camphor
Babulnath A name of Lord Shiva name of a temple in Mumbai
Bhagwan God
Bilvapatra Leaf of a tree used for worshiping Lord Shiva
Brahmavatra Element of Brahma, the Almighty
Brahma The Creator, God
Brahma Chandipath Progress of Goddess Chandi(Chandi-Killer of Demon chnad
Darshan Sight
Deepmala Line of lamps
Grabhagruha The innermost past of temple where idol of god is established
Moksa Salvation
Mahimna Store The stangas in prayaer of Glory of Lord Shiva
Mahadev The Lord of all the deitee
Ninvana Salvation
Namiapavale Chanting the name of God
Nitrya Piya Daily Worship
Parshan A kind of weapon in ancient time
Rudripath Hymas for tray of Rudra I.e. Lord Shiva
Shivling A Cylinderical stone/metal appears oval shaped
Swayambhan and worshipped as symbol of Lord Shiva.
Shastra’s The holy books on Religeon
Shruti Vedas
Sachchidanand सत + चित + आनंद Truth + Mind + Pleasure Believed to be ultimate state of residing god i.e. perpetual pious happiness.
Thaal A plate with fruit / dry fruits / food offered to God With devotion.